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pure mineral makeup
How To's; Before & After
pure mineral makeup

The photographs below show just what a difference mineral makeup can make!  We chose to illustrate using a more "mature"  face as the older you are, the more imperfections you have, such as age spots, blotchy uneven skin tone, dark under eye circles, etc.

                        Before                                                        After color correctors                                                 After


  • Make sure that you allow your moisturizer to soak in before applying. If the moisturizer is still fresh, it will make the foundation harder to buff in evenly.
  • For excessively oily skin, apply Oil Absorb using a kabuki or powder brush all over the face to keep skin oil at bay all day long. 
  • Lightly apply any primers - if using our Pre Fixx primer, just a pea sized amount is enough to cover a full face. For a quick "no makeup" look, mix a small amount of foundation with Pre Fixx in the palm of your hand and apply all at once.
  • Using a concealer brush, apply color correctors and/or concealer to isolated areas.  In the photos above, yellow color corrector has been applied beneath the eyes and to age spots in the cheek area.
  • Also using a kabuki or powder brush, apply any color correctors as needed.  Above, green color corrector was applied in this manner to even out the red blotches.
  • Tap a small amount of foundation into the lid of the jar or on your bathroom counter.  Using a flat top foundation brush (natural hair or synthetic - it's all personal preference) or a kabuki brush, swirl lightly in the lid and tap the excess back into the lid or tap the end of the handle on the counter to settle the powder into the brush head. If you don't settle powder or tap off the excess, it will not go on smoothly. There should only be a light dusting of powder on the brush.  Apply to face in a circular motion, beginning from the outside edges and working towards the center of your face, buffing in as you go.  Buffing with the brush will bring out the qualities of the minerals. Use a firm touch, and in a circular motion, blend, or spread the makeup around the cheeks, down the jaw line, over the nose. Do this several times (each brush full should cover at least ¼ of your face: each cheek, forehead, and chin/nose areas).
  • Repeat as necessary for desired coverage.  Remember, it is easier to add layers than it is counteract a heavy hand!
  • For a more matte finish, try warming your brush bristles with a blow dryer prior to swirling the powder.  This will help meld the foundation powder into your skin.
  • Tap blush into the lid of it's jar, and apply using a powder brush or blush brush.  A powder brush will give a more feathered, subtle look, while a blush brush will cover a smaller area to highlight cheekbones.


  • Dip an eye shadow brush lightly into any color and tap off excess. Alternately, you can tap the handle end of the brush against a counter to even out the powder on the brush. Apply to lower lids and creases. For upper lids, tap a srinkle into the jar lid, and dip an angled eye shadow brush. Tap off excess.
  • Dip an angled liner brush into water before dipping into the powder to create eye liner in a darker shade. Tap off excess before applying. The width of the liner will depend on the pressure applied to the brush.
  • Eye shadow can also be applied using the "foiling" method.  Tap out eye shadow into the jar cap. Using a Wet/Dry Eye Shadow Brush, dip the wet brush into the cap and swirl to form a paste.  Apply to eyelid, rinse the brush, and repeat as desired with other colors.  Don't worry about it being smoothly applied yet.  Let dry, and apply a dry layer of shadow.  Blend shades together using a blender brush.
  • For more intensive color and longer staying powder, apply shadow with our Mineral Eye Shadow Sealant by placing a small drop of sealant onto a clean shadow brush, then dip into loose powder. Apply evenly, blending before the sealant has dried (about 15 seconds). You may find it easier to blend by applying the sealant directly onto your lid prior to dipping into the shadow.
  • To apply as lip color, apply a clear lip balm/gloss or neutral lipstick to your lips. Dip the pad of you finger into the powder and apply over the balm. Use with clear nail polish for coordinating nail color. Do not use any product with ferric ferrocyanide on your lips (blue or green colors).


Foundation: Calif Blonde        Blush: Mauve        Lower eyelid, inside half: Salmon Sparkle         Lower eyelid, outside half: Soft Moon
Upper eyelid:  Medium Brown (semi-matte)       Eye liner, upper lid: Dark Amethyst        Eye liner, beneath eye: Soft Moon   Lips: Adobe/Hint of Pink blushes.

Ever wonder exactly where your "outer V" is, or the crease of your eye when you read those makeup tutorials? Reprinted with permission from NessasaryMakeup, this may help!  to quote from Vanessa's blog post, "All over the lid" is obviously all over the lid, you might hear "brow bone" that is also the same as highlight. For me, MY crease is the top of where my eyeball naturally sits, not the actual crease. Which is why sometimes I will call it "contour", because you are creating depth in your eye to make it larger or place the eyeshadow color deeper in this area to bring it out more."


Wash your makeup brushes at least once a week to maintain the longest life. Wash concealer brushes more frequently, as well as eye shadow brushes if colors are changed frequently. Place a small amount of gentle shampoo in the palm of your hand. Swirl a wet brush into the shampoo to loosen makeup, rinsing in warm water until water runs clear. Remove excess moisture using a towel or soft cloth. Reshape and lay flat (stand flat tops on their ends) and let dry thoroughly. Do not reuse brushes until they have dried.




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