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Press, Reviews & Articles
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Emmy Award winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett selected our Diamond Perfect Finish as his finishing powder of choice for his beauty section on

Make-Up Artist Magazine spotlights Diamond Perfect Finish  Make-Up Artist Magazine Jan-Feb 2012 - Leading professional publication, Make-Up Artist Magazine spotlights our Diamond Perfect Finish as a makeup artist's "makeup BFF".

Joe Biden groomed with Purely Cosmetics Skin Smoothing Foundation & Diamond Perfect Finish People Magazine 3/21/11 - Reknown makeup artist Victoria Stiles used our Skin Smoothing foundation and Diamond Perfect Finish when grooming Joe Biden in the March 21, 2011 issue of People Magazine!

 As listed in "In My Kit" - Reknown and Emmy Award winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett lists Diamond Perfect Finish in his "go to" website for professional makeup artists, In My Kit. We couldn't be more honored!

Koren Zander, famed YouTube Guru "Enkore Makeup" demonstrates several of our products in depth.


 Friday Favorite - Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Powder 3/6/15 - Maria-Isabel purchased our Diamond Perfect Finish during a sale based upon a recommendation from me, but not really knowing too much about the product. That always makes me nervous, since their satisfaction is my personal responsibility. Fortunately, I steered her right!
Agape Love Designs - Friday Favorite: Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish

 October 2014 Favorites - A Girl Can Paint 11/2/14 - Ivette and I became buds over social media (not sure if it was Instagram or Twitter). I think I wore her down and piqued her curiosity about Diamond Perfect Finish so much that she eventually bought it at The Makeup Show. I must not have steered her wrong, as it made her favorites for the month of October!
Girl Can Paint - October Beauty Favorites

 Girl Behind The Glasses: Purely Cosmetics Oil Absorb Review 11/2/14 - Nikki picked up 3 of our products when they were on sale from our retailer in the Philippines, DTC Makeup. Read how long our Oil Absorb kept her extremely oily skin at bay in this first product review. Read all 3 of her reviews - her opinion of Diamond Perfect Finish made me kvell!
Girl Behind The Glasses - Purely Cosmetics Oil Absorb
Girl Behind The Glasses - Purely Cosmetics Pure Silk Powder
Girl Behind The Glasses - Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish: The Most Luxurious Finish To Your Makeup

  Monique The Face: Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Review 3/17/14 - As a professional makeup artist, Monique has a natural aversion to loose white powders. All of her fears flew out the window when she was introduced to Diamond Perfect Finish. Quoting Monique, "I can wear this with any foundation or concealer with no problems, easily.  There is no cakiness in sight with this powder, not one shimmer particle, plus no over the top glow!  Which makes it ideal for photo and videography, it's like an HD powder on crack."
monique The Face - Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Review

 Makeup Wars: Illuminizers on Prime Beauty Blog 3/17/14 - Every month or so, several popular beauty blogs collaborate on a theme/topic, with each blogger choosing her personal favorite product(s) in the category. For the theme of "Illuminizers", Cindy from Prime Beauty Blog chooses Diamond Perfect Finish right out of the gate. She loves the luminosity it gives even mature skin.
Prime Beauty Blog - Prime Beauty Blog's Makeup Wars: Illuminizers

 Portrait of Mai: Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Review 1/14/14 - Mai's opinion of Diamond Perfect Finish: "This powder helps increase the longevity of my foundation, especially when worn as a primer and finishing powder. When worn as a primer, I honestly think it does a better job at diffusing my scars. As a finishing powder, it's tops and does a great job of diffusing my pores and acne scarring on my face."
Portrait of Mai - Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Review


 Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Review and Photos 8/28/13 - Having known Amber on Twitter for YEARS, neither of us really knew why she had never tried our popular Diamond Perfect Finish. After having used the product for an extended period of time, she now feels that it is "truly is one of my 'dream' products." Read her article about how she feels that her skin just looks smoother, brighter and fresher. - Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Review, Photos


 Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish 6/24/13 - Beautzy's initial reaction was to run from the hills screaming before putting a powder on top of a powder for fear of looking ghostlike. Even more so with a powder that "settles INTO fine lines and pores." Her opinion did a 180 when trying Diamond Perfect Finish :) - Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish

 Purely Cosmetics nominated for a CEW 2013 award 2/6/13 - Professional makeup artist Michelle Jackson lists Diamond Perfect Finish as her "go to" product. She loves it so much that she would "love to see the product at CEW awards for honoring women leaders and product innovation." What could be more flattering than that?? - Diamond Perfect Finish with a full carat of diamond powder to blend and refract light

 The Best Mineral Foundation 1/11/13 - Beauty expert Christina Farrell ranks her Top 5 Mineral Foundations for her Friday Top 5 series. Purely Cosmetics is ranked right up there with the best in the business!
The Makeup Blogger - Friday Top 5: The Best Mineral Foundation

10/5/12 RissRose demonstrates her foundation routine, using Diamond Perfect Finish as her setting powder. Hear what she thinks about it:


 Prettymaking: Diamond Perfect Finish Powder Review 8/11/12 - Mandy was introduced to our Diamond Perfect Finish at IMATS by her friend Cora of Vintage or Tacky. Read her in-depth review with great photos here.
Prettymaking - Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Powder - Review

  New Love! Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow 4/30/12 - Check out the review on the wildly popular beauty site for the review and swatches of our eye shadow in Burnished Copper. - New Love! Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow


  Did she really put Diamonds in her face powder?! 4/20/12 - Hollywood film and television makeup artist Kim Greene tested our Diamond Perfect Finish after we met at The Makeup Show LA this month.  She loves the way it "gives your skin a radiance and under glow" while blurring out imperfections.
Kim Greene's Makeup Tips From The Set - Did she really put Diamonds in her face powder?!


 Prime Beauty - Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Review 11/17/11 - Cindy is ideal person to try our products: she is the blogger behind Prime Beauty, a beauty blog written specifically for women in their 40's and up. Not a fan of mineral makeup, she found that our Skin Smoothing foundation formula was perfect for her!
Prime Beauty - Review: Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup 7 Tried & True Must Have Products 11/16/11 - What can be more flattering than to be written about on Temptalia? Dustin Hunter lists his "Must Haves", and our Diamond Perfect Finish is right up there with MAC and OCC! To quote, "Diamond Perfect Finish Powder by Purely Cosmetics is a transparent loose powder that easily outperforms the transparent powders I have from MAC and MUFE (smoother application, better line diffusing AND it doesn’t bounce light back in photography)."
Temptalia - 7 Tried & True Must-Have Products

 7/7/11 - Celebrity makeup artist Christina Farrell keeps our Diamond Perfect Finish in her pro kit, and couldn't agree more with Kevin James Bennett about it's performance.
The Makeup Blogger - Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Powder

 5/14/11 - Dusty Hunter has to be one of my favorite YouTube Gurus.  He's an experience, witty makeup artist, who's not so bad on the eyes, either.  Launching his new blog just this week, he's starting with reviews of a handful of his favorite products that garnish a "5 peep" rating.  He loves the way Diamond Perfect Finish works not only as a finishing powder, but loves to use it as a primer.  He tried as hard as he could to get it to flashback like other well-known brands, and couldn't!
Dustin Hunter Blog - Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect

 5/1/11 - Vicki first learned of our Diamond Perfect Finish when we were exhibiting at IMATS LA. She loved it then, but how does she feel about it nearly a year later?
Gimme Makeup - Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Finishing Powder


  4/29/11 - Not only has our Diamond Perfect Finish received rave reviews, but check out how easy it is to combine shades of anything with our loose powders and a Minerals Mate tray.
Beauty Info Zone - A Match Made in Heaven - Minerals Mate and Purely Cosmetics

  4/18/11 - Christel Hansen is a makeup artist in New Zealand who has heard about our products.  Tops on her list?  Our Diamond Perfect Finish and our yellow color corrector!
Makeupper - Review: Purely Cosmetics

Voted BEST Product of 2010 by:








  12/11/10 - Jenn is a makeup artist in Canada that I've gotten to know through Twitter. Having read about our Diamond Perfect Finish, she put it to the test to see if it performs well for Women of Color. Did it pass the flash test?
Spiced Beauty - Does Purely Cosmetics Stand Up to the Test?

 12/10/10 -  Lisa shows how to go from a blank canvas to finished face in less than 10 minutes flat.  Check out her "before & after" pictures!
Beauty Info Zone - Pure Fun with Purely Cosmetics

12/6/10 Pursebuzz (aka Elessa) selected Diamond Perfect Finish for her "Must Have Monday" selection!

Pursebuzz - Must Have Monday: Diamond Perfect Finish

 10/19/10 - Kristina first heard of both our products through her gal pal, Alyson, recommending our Diamond Perfect Finish as an ideal setting powder for a client's wedding makeup.  Her experience with our Oil Absorb is a must read.  Let's just say we love hearing the word "Squee"!
Sasquatch Swatch - Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish & Oil Absorb Powders

 9/30/10 - Adina is one of my heroes.  She's the well respected author of Krasey Beauty, and hob nobs with the creme de la creme in the beauty industry.  So when she reviewed our Diamond Perfect Finish and it passed her tough standards with flying colors, I was flying high!  Read Adina's in-depth article here.
Krasey Beauty - Purely Cosmetics Diamond Finish Powder is a Girl's Best Friend

 9/9/10 -  I've read Aileen's The Shades of U blog since I first started in this industry, and was flattered when she contacted us about our Diamond Perfect Finish. I couldn't have asked for a more thorough review on many of our products. Read what she thinks is great, and what is so-so - we agree!
The Shades Of U - Purely Cosmetics Mineral Foundation, Silk and Pearl Primer and Diamond Perfect Powder Review

 9/4/10 - Industry icon and multi Emmy award winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett is interviewed on the blog Ponikuta.  KJ's seemingly endless credits can by found on his website, MadeNYC.  Read his answer when Ponikuta asks "what are your all time favourite makeup products that perform magic on skin?"  I could just die when I saw Purely Cosmetics listed! - Interview with Kevin James Bennett

 8/30/10 - Crystal is a professional makeup artist who first came across our products at IMATS.  The first product she listed for her August Favorite Beauty Products is our Diamond Perfect Finish.  Read what she has to say about the product and how it photographs! 
MakeupByCrystalS - August Beauty Product Favorites

 7/27/10 - My Beauty Bunny is a blog all about cruelty free beauty products.  Blogess Jen tries out our foundations, and loved the coverage it gave her without emphasizing her pores or looking cakey.
My Beauty Bunny - Purely Cosmetics

 7/24/10 - Stephanie rarely does posts of "her favorite products", but this time she took an exception and wrote about 3 products she's madly in love with.
Aquahearts Obsessions - Current Favorite Beauty Products Right Now

July, 2010 -  After this year's IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show), Purely Cosmetics is getting some rave reviews! Here are just a few:



 7/2/2010 - Alyson, author of the Gloss Menagerie,  volunteered to work the Purely Cosmetics booth at this year's IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) in Pasadena.  Although she had used some of our products before, she had a whole new appreciation after being immersed in the product for 48 hours straight.  How did her opinion change?  Read on to find out! Hint: this is only part one :) - Purely Cosmetics Foundations

 6/7/10  - The infamous Elessa of and You Tube guru selects our Diamond Perfect Finish as her "Must Have Monday" product.  Even more of an honor is that Pursebuzz is devoting her blog posts to IMATS must see's, and we were the first she listed as a company not to miss!  Read her full review here. - Purely Cosmetics Diamond Powder Review

 5/21/10 - Curious about our products after reading other reviews, Wendy ordered several different products from us.  Though she hasn't had an oportunity yet to swatch everything, she already knows she's in love with our Diamond Perfect Finish.  World's record: US to Singapore in one week flat :)
Makeupholiz's Blog - Mineral Products

Voted BEST Product of 2009 by:














 11/30/09 & 12/22/09 - Anastasia, author of Lipsticks & Lightsabers, is one tough cookie when it comes to makeup reviews.  Our Diamond Perfect Finish and Blushing blush made it onto her list of Holy Grail products.  We're absolutely honored!
Lipsticks & Lightsabers - The 1337 Badge of Honor
Lipsticks & Lightsabers - Open In Adobe Acrobat Reader

9/24/09 -  EnKore Makeup does a YouTube Review!

 9/19/09 -  Purely Cosmetics is reviewed in the Washington, DC version of the by Hollw Denslow.  Read her experiences with our Cream to Powder Eye Shadows, our Diamond Perfect Finish, and the superiority of our ingredients. Finding A Better Mineral Makeup

Elke Von Freudenberg: 5 Summer Makeup Steps - Step 2 8/14/09 -  We couldn't be more thrilled than to be mentioned by reknown celebrity makeup artist and creator of The Beauty Blog Network Elke Von Freudenberg included our primers as a great skin prep for summer humidity!
Elke Von Freudenberg Blog- 5 Minute Summer Makeup: Step 2

 7/30/09 -  Mo Stewart, one of the authors of MythBusterBeauty, was one of the first to find out about our Diamond Perfect Finish when we were first developing it.  I promised her that she'd find it on a par (if not better than) MUFE's HD powder.  Was I telling the truth? "Ultra smoothing, whisper light, and absolutely no strobing(reflection) with flash photography, I was instantly amazed."
Mythbuster Beauty - Diamonds ARE A Girl's Best Friend

 7/24/09 -  I caught up with Shannon Nelson of A Girl's Gotta Spa in Vegas while we were both attending the industry trade show, Cosmoprof.  Within minutes of checking into her room, she immediately started pulling goodies out of her makeup bag, telling me I had to try this, had to try that...  What did she have in that magic bag of hers as well?  Our Pure Silk Mineral Foundation and our Diamond Perfect Finish!
A Girl's Gotta Spa - Travel Beauty: Las Vegas

 7/14/09 -  There's nothing more flattering when your product is reviewed by a professional makeup artist.  Melissa Street posted today about her favorite products she uses in her professional career that  are "products available to the consumer that can transform average makeup into magical potions, concoctions that create illusions and elixirs, which you can apply daily, that will that will take your gorgeous face and body to the next level." Of course, our Diamond Perfect Finish makes the list :)
In My Professional Opinion - Special Effects!

Solessence Reviews Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup 6/30/09 -  Hillary, a former Indie herself, and author of Solessence, is well known throughout the beauty industry.  She not only gives a sneak peek about how Purely Cosmetics got it's start, but offers insights about our ingredients, as well as her personal opinions of our foundations, shadows, and accessories.
Solessence - Review: Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup


The Gloss Menagerie Reviews: Purely Cosmetics Diamond Finishing Powder 6/26/09 -  Once again, our Diamond Perfect Finish is getting rave reviews over MUFE's HD powder.   I met Alyson, author of The Gloss Menagerie at the IMATS (short for the International Makeup Artists Trade Show) show this past weekend, and gave her a sample of this newest product.  Her response when she first applied it? "I literally did a doubletake the first time I used this finishing powder on my cheeks because my pores literally disappeared. "Holy sh**!" She loves the airbrushed finish and and was amazed at the silky feel.
The Gloss Menagerie - Look Ma, No Pores!

Gouldylox Reviews: Purely Cosmetics Diamond Finishing Powder 6/24/09, 9/2/09 -  Our newly introduced Diamond Perfect Finish has captured the attention of many, including Kelly Gould, blogger of Gouldylox Reviews.  In addition to being an entertaining makeup addict, Kelly is also a television producer (and fellow dog lover).  She was pleased with the results after watching herself on high definition tv, but more importantly, her husband noticed a difference!  Need I say more?
Gouldylox Reviews -
Purely Cosmetics Diamond Finishing Powder, Summer Wrap-Up: Favorite Picks From The Season

 6/23/09 -  Kim from HyperLuxeMedia Network  recently queried several prominent beauty bloggers about their favorite summer beauty products.  Our newly introduced Diamond Perfect Finish made the list!  Even though this is our newest product, it has rapidly become a bestseller!
BeautyLuxe - Ask Around: Must Have Summer Beauty Products

 6/17/09 -  Carleen, chief blogger of Beauty and Fashion Tech, known for her "pull no punches" reviews, puts our foundations to the test, as well as our Silk & Pearl Powder primer.  Even with her oily skin and skin discolorations, our foundations covered her well and lasted all day.
Beauty and Fashion Tech - Purely Cosmetics Mineral Foundation

 6/11/09 -  Bellab from beautyXpose put several of our products through rigorous tests of varying temperature, from rain to 90 degree heat.  She even posted before and after pictures so that you can see the effect our products had.  Check out the entire post here.
beautyXpose - Beauty Experiment: Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup

Mother's Day Sweepstakes Winner's Reaction 6/01/09 -  Back in the beginning of May, Shannon Nelson sponsored the "mother of all giveaways" with a Mom Get Glamorous contest on her blog, A Girl's Gotta Spa.   The idea behind the contest was for people to nominate a deserving mom, and to write why they felt this person deserved almost $2300 of girlie stuff.  The winner was announced last Friday, May 29th.  Wanna see her reaction to finding out she won?  Read the post on her blog, 6 Daily Blessings.  It gave us the warm fuzzies just to watch her excitement at winning.  But wait, there's more!  Today, her package from us arrived, and she posted before and after pictures, using her tweenage daughter as the model.  Remember, she neither entered the contest herself, nor knew what all she'd be receiving.  Unlike most reviews, this one is written by someone not expecting our products, and intending to do a review!  Did she like what she received?  Pictures tell a thousand words - read and see her photos here.
6 Daily Blessings -Wow, That Was Fast: Purely Cosmetics

 5/14/09, 5/21/09, 9/4/09 -  How does Purely Cosmetics hold up under the unforgiving lights of professional makeup artistry? Professional makeup artist Melissa Street puts our products to the test, and posts both her professional and personal experiences on her blog, InMyProfessionalOpinion.  Carrying it another step further, see what she has to say about our makeup for Teens!
In My Professional Opinion -
Mineral Maven, Teen Queen, Back To School: Teen Queen II



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